About Prata vaccin

The Covid-19 vaccines are saving lives. But their success depends on people choosing to be vaccinated. A person’s willingness to get vaccinated can be affected by many different things, including emotions. It can therefore be difficult to talk to someone who has a different opinion to your own.


Prata vaccin is designed to help people have these kinds of conversations in everyday life. We present concrete and evidence-based tips on how to approach the subject and address the different myths that exist about the Covid-19 vaccines.


Prata vaccine has been developed by the Swedish non-profit organisation Vetenskap & Allmänhet, VA (Public & Science). To ensure that the content is relevant and accurate, we have consulted a number of organisations and public authorities during its development, including the Swedish Public Health Agency, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) and Studieförbunden (Sweden’s Study Associations).


The work has been made possible through a grant from the Swedish Ministry of Education.


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VA (Public and Science) is a Swedish non-profit civil society organisation that promotes dialogue and openness between researchers and the public, especially young people. The organisation works to create new forms of dialogue about research. VA is also developing new knowledge on the relationship between research and society through surveys and studies. Its members consist of some 90 organisations, authorities, companies and associations. In addition, it has a number of individual members.

Further reading : v-a.se/english-portal